Guía Curricular OMS



Project Team and Contributors



Project Team (Australia)


Project Director

Associate Professor Merrilyn Walton


Project Manager

Samantha Van Staalduinen


Writing Team

Associate Professor Merrilyn Walton

Associate Professor Brendan Flanagan (MonashUniversity)

Dr Julia Harrison (MonashUniversity)

Associate Professor Chris Roberts

Associate Professor Tim Shaw

Samantha Van Staalduinen

Stewart Barnet



Project Team (WHO)


External Expert Lead

Professor Bruce Barraclough


Project Manager

Dr Douglas Noble


Assistant Project Manager

Dr Helen Woodward


Lead for Research and Development

Dr Claire Lemer


Lead for Communications and Advocacy

Dr Felix Greaves


Project Support Officer

Ruth Jennings


WHO World Alliance for Patient Safety Expert Group




Professor Bruce Barraclough



Professor Pierre Claver Kariyo (AFRO)

Dr Anas Eid (EMRO)    

Dr Mohamed Moamary (EMRO)  


Professor Rhona Flin (EURO)   

Dr Amitai Ziv (EURO)





Dr Lorelei Lingard (PAHO)   

Professor Jorge Martinez (PAHO)    


Dr Young-Mee Lee (SEARO)   

Professor Chit Soe (SEARO)


Dr Ranjit De Alwis (WPRO)

Professor Mingming Zhang (WPRO)